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Welcome to the Tactical Legends!
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Welcome to the Tactical Legends!
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  • Simple rules. Three minutes and you are in game
  • Hire units in battle
  • No initial squad pickup. Just rush into the battle in ten seconds
  • No random values. Your units always do the same damage and never miss
  • Hot-seat available. Online version will be later
  • Single player modes include logic puzzles and AI battles


  • Every player starts with a single unit – The King
  • Each turn, every player earns 10 mana
  • Hire units during the battle to adapt to the opponent force's composition
  • Each unit has Action Points that can be spent on movement and/or attacks
  • Win by defeating your opponent’s King while ensuring your own King lives


Tactical Legends has many chess-like problems to solve in a single player mode

We have more information about our indie game and our studio in the press kit and dev blog

Press kitDev blog

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