We actively follow the demand for game maps and units by our gamers. That`s why we decided to rethink the version of our winter map according to in-game stats and your feedback.


A new “Ice Pass” has become more compact and covers are situated closer. Your forces can now move across the river over ice as well as the improvised bridge (in the form of the fallen log). It was decided to impose fines by moving of units on ice (this way is much easier) to keep the importance of the “bridge” when solving tactical missions. The previous version of winter map will be returned back to the game after the starting of a closed Beta testing for 2v2 or 3v3 battles.

We hope these changes will make  the map more dynamic and more enjoyable for 1v1 battles. You will be able to try the new version of the winter map from the 16th of June. Please, follow news updates on our official website and social networks. Don`t forget to leave comments and to share your views, impressions, and experiences with the game.