Tactical Legends start screen

We have done a lot during this most recent stretch of development. There now exists a puzzle editor which enables you to create different new puzzles. Additionally, we have put out a tweak on the in-game artificial intelligence. Finally, we’ve announced the start date of the closed beta testing. But things are never as planned.

In addition to our gamers’ cooperation right during the battle, for which Unreal Engine is being using, there are things like: game lobby, game-search, and competitors selection, in following their experience. Unreal Engine allows only one multiuser battle. It`s necessary to start up hundreds of Unreal Engine Servers and to control them somehow with one physical machine to make hundreds of battles possible at the same time. We need a really good hardware server. The creation of this Server Management System will prove to be especially problematic for us. Tacked onto that is the strain added from gamers’ searches and the registration system. A true nightmare indeed.

Nevertheless, we won`t fold our hands, but we are forced to postpone the date of the online beta starting – April, 15th 2017.