We are making a big update that will be available on July, 29th. Gameplay will be more interesting and dynamic. The balance of the game, and the main game’s conception (no random) will not change.

Some words about this update:

  1. We changed the gold to mana. In our opinion, the purchase of units for gold was not very logical. Tactical Legends is a fantasy game and we decided to rename the gold to mana, which is more consistent with the style of this type of games.
  2. The system of hire will be change. If you hire more than one character in one turn, the value of each subsequent recruited warrior will increase by 20% from the initial price. This change was necessary to ensure that players do not remain entrenched in their half of the map, and then do not hire for all units immediately. We believe this innovation will make the game more dynamic.
  3. The long-awaited loot will be added to the game. The orbs of mana will appear on the battlefield before the battle. The amount of gained mana points will range from 10 to 30.

Stay tuned for more details about the loot system. We are currently testing the introduction of this system, and will keep you updated on our progress.