The Castle Battlefield

The Castle is the largest map in the game. It sits on a mountain range in the middle of a beautiful river valley. An untamed forest surrounds its weather-beaten walls, threatening to choke out any sunlight illuminating the path up to the castle. Mechanically, we designed this battlefield in a mirror-style and we included many covers and passes. These assets of the map allow it to be perfectly balanced and provide ample opportunities for you to hone your strategies, test your skills, and refine your tactician's cap. The Castle has at least two separated battle areas: the main hall and the armory. Each area spawns resources which can be used to bolster your forces, regardless of whether they are on the winning side of the battle or not. It might be wise to use those resources to completely change your strategy, depending on the situation. The map was designed so that even if you were to lose ground in, say, the main hall, you could retreat to the armory and make a solid stand. And of course you can hide in small rooms or corners on your side of the arena waiting for opponent to make a mistake and trap them in a bottleneck as you summon a group of swordsmen in a last moment. Experiment with your strategies. Be sure to try and stage a massive battle with as many units as you can spawn. The Castle is suited for epic matches and clashes of power!