First gameplay video : Himan vs Ai

As we promised, here is the video with the gameplay of Tactical Legends. You can see the full process from the hotseat menu to the end of the battle. In this video we try to show you features of the game that are already done. Despite the fact that Tactical Legends will be an online game, we pay a lot of attention to AI because it plays the role of a teacher in showing you unit abilities, and allowing you to practice testing out new tactics.

A few words about game mechanics:

To achieve victory in the game, you must defeat your opponent’s King. Each team starts with 30 gold coins ( and earns +10 each turn) and their King. At any moment you can hire additional units that help you to reach you goal.

Every unit has several attributes:

Health – Number of health points. Nothing special

Attack – Damage that unit does with each attack

Defence – Reduces opponent’s incoming attack damage. Total damage = Attack – Defence

Range – Attack distance in tiles

Action points (AP) – Number of tiles to move or spend on attacks or environment interactions

Action points per attack (AAP) – Number of action points required for each attack

Price – Gold coins that player needs to spend to hire the unit

Now available are three unit types and at least two more are in progress (portraits are temporary and will be redrawns when unit characters are ready):


The main figure on the battlefield. If it dies – you lose. But he is not defenseless. It can “throw stones” directly at the heads of enemies. The King has enough action points to launch two attacks in the same turn. Also it has very sturdy armor. kingHealth – 5 Attack – 2 Defence – 2 Range – 4 AP – 4 AAP – 2 Price – priceless!


The swordsman is a pretty tough unit that can play a role of tank. One swordsman usually cannot beat the king, just because the King can simply escape, but if there are three swordsmen, the opposing force is in trouble. The king needs 10 shots to kill that warrior, archer – 5. A swordsman can kill the king or archer in two moves. swordsmanHealth – 10 Attack – 4 Defence – 1 Range – 1 AP – 5 AAP – 3 Price – 20


The archer is a unit that can really pull on nerves. It is very hard to hide from its attacks, especially since it can be hired, moved, and attack all within the same turn. archerHealth – 6 Attack – 3 Defence – 0 Range – 20 (through all the map, if it is 1 vs 1) AP – 6 AAP – 5 Price – 30

Of course there will be much more features such as: interactive environments, many more types of units (with nice design), different maps, and other features we want to realise.