Game Support

Game Support

Every game, when it’s ready to launch pre-alpha version, has bugs that developers can’t find. We know it, and coming closer to the pre-alpha stage, we have to ask ourselves this question: “What is the best way of interacting with testers?”. We decided to create a bug-reporter button right in game interface.

How will it work? After experiencing a bug, click on the button and we would appreciate it if you could describe problem in short (for example – I lost my unit in textures). After that you should describe the situation that led to the bug appearing in as exact steps as possible so we can try and recreate the bug. If we cannot reproduce it – we are unable to fix it. For example:

  1. Select the swordsman near the left wall at the center of the map
  2. Choose the attack mode
  3. Choose move mode again
  4. Move the unit to the hole in the wall at the center of map

Information with map name and game type will be attached automatically. After that we will receive this info and try our best to fix it.

Another way you can report a bug – send an email to with the same description. We will be very pleased if you attach screenshots with the problem.

Thank you!