Puzzles review

Puzzles review

As you know, our pre-alpha version will be hotseat because it is much faster to build and balance base game mechanics this way.There is one disadvantage of such an approach: finding live opponents can be a pretty hard task. Of course, you can play with AI, but to make this version even more interesting, we decided to do something special for you: “task book” or “book of puzzles”. These will allow you to view different aspects of the game. It will work like chess puzzles and has three kinds:

Tutorial – puzzles for beginners that will show and teach you to basic aspects and game mechanics.

Limited puzzles – challenges you to win the battle in an exact amount of turns by choosing the right strategy.

Game composition – consists of more difficult, yet interesting situations. Can be won by choosing the right strategy and maintaining perfect unit control.

If you have some time or are waiting for someone to play with (hotseat), these puzzles will be perfect way to spend time.