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The healer is a special unit. They have no attack and low health points. Additionally, healers have no armor, and only have a medium mobility. Their range of healing, too, is limited. So if you find yourself commanding healers, you need to keep them positioned in the optimal spot where they can be defended, but also reach your units when they are injured. Because healers can also add additional health to your units (even if their health is still at its max) they are often vital in an army’s success in the field of battle.

Usage tactic

Healer can both help the attacking units of your force and support unit in defence. It is important to remember that healers are weak. Secure them in a location where they are covered and cannot be attacked by enemy archers or assassins.


Health - 5

Attack - 2

Defence - 0

Range - 5

Action Points - 5

Attack Action Points - 5

Price - 35

Special ability

Cure friendly units by two (2) health points one time per turn. Healers give additional points of health if the target’s health is already full.

Best against
ArcherArcher AssassinAssassin
Worst against
SwordsmanSwordsman ArcherArcher
Best party
SwordsmanSwordsman KingKing
Common tactics

Healers thrive when supported by armored units like the King or swordsmen. Because she can increase their health points, destroying those units becomes a true challenge.