First Early concept video

The first video of our game shows you the early concept: a fight between two sovereigns. As you can see, the primary goal is to defeat the enemy king. Each turn you will receive 10 gold, which you use to purchase new units during the game. This innovation can help to turn the tide of the battle at any moment of the game. You can always buy units that are perfect against those that your opponent picks.

The king is controlled by the player, so you can hide him in cover or choose to take him to the battle if there is such a need. Right now there are two kinds of units in game: swordmen and archers. In the immediate future, we will add new tier of units that can be hired after some upgrade, just like in most strategy games. It will greatly increase the number of possible tactics. Now we think that this tier will contain such units as cleric/doctor and an assassin. But, it is only concept and anything can change at any moment.

One concept not shown in the video are the mandatory artifacts, which are the huge, totally new tactical layer we plan to introduce next month.

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