Here is the first video with the solution of “The Trap” by Kevin McKeown. He knows our game mechanics well, but even so it was hard for him make the right moves and achieve victory in this puzzle.

We want to say a few words about the AI. As you can see from the video, despite this is being a pre-alpha version, people still have to think hard in order to find a solution for this proposed game situation.

We tried to make our computer opponent less predictable, and that’s why they choose their priorities at the beginning of each fight in random way. For example, AI can try to save its king by any cost in one fight and can go to aggressive attack in another one.

Of course, the decisions it makes are not always smart, and sometimes even ridiculous . Nevertheless, it can surprise you with “deep thoughts” when its units are near you on the battlefield. If you think that you have a better solution for this game compositions or want to try your skill in logic puzzles, you can always download the game (by pressing “download” button in top menu / from our site http://tacticallegends.com). And if you make a video or guide of you solving the puzzles, be sure to let us know so we can promote it through our site.