Assassins are very mobile, ranged units. They have low health points and no armor, but the assassins can poison their targets, sapping their health for ten turns. This ability, in combination with their high mobility and range, makes assassins very dangerous units.

Usage tactic

The assassin might be predictable, but they are not boring. They move from cover to cover, trying to hit as many enemy units as possible. Something to remember is that even if you do not see the enemy having any archers does not mean that they will not buy one. Archer’s long range makes them an antagonist to the assassins, so plan accordingly.


Health - 5

Attack - 2

Defence - 0

Range - 3

Action Points - 7

Attack Action Points - 3

Price - 35

Special ability

The target gets poison for ten (10) turns after assassin’s attack. Each turn, the poisoned target loses one (1) point of health.

Best against
Worst against
Worst against

Common tactics

The assassin is an independent unit with straight goals. wordsmen can help assassins by covering them from enemies. Healers can regain their health if assassin took a shot or hit from an enemy. Even single assassin in the right hands could poison and destroy an army.

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