The King is the most important unit in the game because the game ends when a king dies. If you lose you king, you lose the game; kill your enemy's king, and you win. It is a ranged unit with short attack distance. The King has low action points, a low attack rate and low health, but it has heavy armor and has the benefit of attacking twice in the same turn.

Usage tactic

The main goal of the King on the battlefield is simple - stay alive with any cost. A safe tactic is to have your King hidden behind cover. If you chose to use him as an attacking unit, he can help defend other units. Even though king is weak, he is vital to your survival. There is one tactic that uses the King as an early aggressor. It has players attacking with the King during the first wave of the battle. This early game tactic is rare and very risky, because if he dies, you lose. It requires players to have good control, the correct choice of position, and a clear plan of action. Though it is risky, it could result in a fast victory.


Health - 5

Attack - 2

Defence - 2

Range - 3

Action Points - 4

Attack Action Points - 2

Price - priceless

Best against
Worst against
Worst against

Common tactics

In the early game, you can use swordsmen to protect your king from enemy units. In the mid or late game, in conjunction with his armor, you can utilize healers to keep his health high.

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