The swordsman is a melee unit with high health points and medium armor. He is a heavy unit and can take hits. In conjunction with his high rate of attack and a decent mobility, the swordsman makes for a strong unit on the battlefield.

Usage tactic

The swordsmen are among the more versatile units you control. They can be used to protect your light units (archers, healers, and of course, the King) from enemy melee units. Swordsmen are vicious attackers. When in full assault, swordsmen can put heavy pressure on your opponent. On the frontline, they can attract the attacks in order to spare weaker units like archers and assassins, who are also likely targets. Swordsmen can also control narrow parts of the map, allowing you the opportunity to regroup your force, recruit more units, or heal those critically wounded.


Health - 10

Attack - 4

Defence - 1

Range - 0

Action Points - 5

Attack Action Points - 3

Price - 20

Best against
Worst against
Worst against

Common tactics

Swordsmen are good in combination with any units. Healers can help keep them alive almost indefinitely. Archers can give suppressive help against other light units. The deadly assassin’s poisons can help to reduce a foe’s health points, thereby helping the swordsman cut through enemies with high health points. A wave of swordsmen attacking also makes for quite a sight.

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