Ingame interface is done!

Ingame interface is done!

After hundreds and hundreds of test matches and a lot of hard work, we have finished the in-game battle interface. We spent as much time to make it as friendly as possible. Here some screens that shows our work.

1. There is a list of units’ avatars in bottom-left corner where you can see:

a) Detailed info about the selected character. On the left side, lists: current/max health, attack strength and defence. Attack strength is always the same, without any randomly generated misses, so you can plan your actions. in advance Defence is simply the number of damage points that the armor absorbs.

b) Health points (red semicircle) and action points (green semicircle) of every unit to determine which unit already made their moves and which didn’t move yet.

c) Marked avatar of the currently selected unit in the list of all units.

2. In the turn menu at the bottom-right corner you can find:

a) “End turn” button at it’s usual position in turn-based games.

b) Button of battle changing mode to walk/attack. Of course you can do this in many other ways like clicking on the same unit on the map or in units list, but gameplay shows us that this button must be right there.

c) Radial indicator with the current number of action points and the minimal number of action points needed for attack.

3. In the top-right menu you can turn on the map grid, which not only shows walkable tiles, but marks the tiles that are hard to pass and need two or three action points. There, also located is the “add unit” button, that opens a window where the players can hire new warriors during the battle. The options button is located, as usual, in the top-right corner.

4. At the top-left corner you can see player nickname, current gold (each turn player earn 10 more), and current turn.

Besides widgets, there are some visual effects that makes planning the turn actions really comfortable. You can see not only highlighted tiles that shows you where unit can move, but “attack icons” on them, which identify tiles where units can attack from after walking to that space. Tiles that are hard to pass are highlighted with different colors. Also you can hover the cursor over the enemy unit to see its move range and tiles where it can attack.

Of course you can rotate the map. It’s a 3D game