The Castle

The Castle is our newest map. It sits on a moutain range in the middle of a beautiful river valley. Surrounding it on all sides is an untamed forest. It's designed in a mirror style with many covers and passes. This arena is perfectly balanced and gives many tactical and strategy opportunities to test your skill. The Castle is ideal both for attacking players and for players who prefer to focus on their defense.

The puzzles for this battlefield work in conjunction to tell the shared story of this lonely keep and its inhabitants.


Puzzles MIX #1

Mix of 20 unique puzzles for 4 maps: "Ruins", "Blizzard Passage", "Forest Shack" and "The Castle".

In this mix you will find 8 awesome game compositions and 12 puzzles with limited amount of turns to win. All this puzzles are unique and will not be found in other packs.


Puzzles Pack #2 - Ruins

Twenty unique puzzles set against the decaying background of an abandoned. This pack consists of 5 game compositions and 15 puzzles with limited turns to complete.


Puzzles Pack #3 - Forest Shack

Don your boots and ready your sword. Puzzle pack 3 delivers twenty puzzles set in the Forest Shack Map. Five of those are game compositions and 15 puzzles with limited turns are expecting for your solutions.


Puzzles Pack #4 - Blizzard Passage

These twenty puzzles specific to the Blizzard Passage battlefield are sure to send a shiver down your spine. Included within are solutions for 5 game compositions and 15 puzzles with limited turns.



The key obtained in promo actions