The very first screenshot of our game

The very first screenshot of our game

So, we started making our first game on the Unreal Engine 4. This engine is great and flexible. There are many training videos on YouTube, detailed documentation, and some staff on the marketplace that, we hope, will help us to create a playable alpha version this year.

About the game. It will be a turn-based online tactical combat arena game. It’s something like XCOM tactical mode or battles in old isometric Fallout, but with some valuable differences:

– Simple rules. Three minutes and you are in game

– You can hire and dismiss units during the battle

– Very quick initial squad pickup. No tuning. Just hire and rush into the battle in ten seconds

– Quick battles that lasts 10-15 minutes

– 2×2 and 3×3 battles with unique team features

– Interactive environment. Enemy archer hiding in the house? Close the door and burn it!

– Players of the same team in an online game, move their units simultaneously. Those will be very dynamic games

– Each turn takes 20-30 seconds

– No random values. No “luck”. Here you can do checkmate in several moves

– There will be a hot-seat mode and mode with “Player vs AI”

– It will be available on all the devices that Unreal Engine supports: PC, PS, Xbox, Android, iOS

– There will be “tiers” of units. At the start of the match there are only archers and swordmen, at the end: clerics, knights and… who knows

Now that we have completed some base setup, we are ready to show this very first screenshot. Special thanks to Knut Øverbye for his Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit, Henrik Goldsack for Quality Game Settings and all guys that make free engine; you have saved months.

I hope that we can make some YouTube videos to show off gameplay soon.

Wish us some luck