As we promised several days ago, we are introducing a large update to the game.

Gold has been renamed to mana. It’s more natural to summon/teleport new units from mana, than it is to hire them with gold. Also, we don’t think that gold would easily be found lying on the ground. Now we have shining mana orbs that could be picked up by the player. It instantly adds 10-30 mana to the player.

Also we added some kind of mining – blue crystals that contains up to 150 mana. Extracting these are much harder then simply collecting orbs. Each unit near the crystal will gain an additional 5 mana each turn. Yeah, there can be situation when you and your opponent are both standing near (read: fighting over) the one crystal.

Mana on the battlefield makes the game even more dynamic. Now you don’t need to wait for it every turn – just come and get it. By the way, both orbs and crystals appears equally on the both sides of the battlefield; there is always the temptation to collect your opponent’s mana first.

There was one defensive tactics that everyone dislikes: wait for your opponent to come to you and then buy units that are ideal against his composition in one moment. We think that this is not fair. So, now you need to spend more mana if you want to summon several warriors at once. Each additional unit hired in one turn will cost 20% more from than its initial price. For example, if you hire three archers, the first will cost 30, the second – 36 and the third – 42.

All these innovations have been tested and are already in the game now. Just try it!