The archer is a ranged unit with a high range.'. 'In addition to their range of attack, archers have a high mobility, so they can cross large swaths of the battlefield in one movement'. 'if they have not previously shot that turn. However, because it takes too much time to reload and aim the bow, archer expend a lot of action points on their shots.'. 'They are lights units who wear no armor and have low health points, so keep them back or defended, lest they end up on the business end of heavy hitting melee units.

Usage tactic

In battle, archers are used for long-distance annihilation of enemy units without armor such as healers, assassins and other archers.'. 'They can help to control a large chunk of the battlefield because of their range.


Health - 6

Attack - 3

Defence - 0

Range - 20 (throught all the map, if it is 1 vs 1)

Action Points - 6

Attack Action Points - 5

Price - 30

Best against
Worst against
Worst against

Common tactics

In the early game, it is best to use archers in combination with swordsmen who will protect them from the enemy melee units.In the mid and late game, you can add one or two healers to raise the health of archers.Archers are not designed to rush into enemy lines, especially not by themselves, so if you send them off alone, don’t be surprised when they are killed.

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